Trippy Videos to watch high

Barcelona Kaleidolapse

December 11th, 2013|

Very trippy kaleidoscope time lapse from Barcelona.  Definitely watch this high

Arctic Monkeys – Do I Wanna Know

December 8th, 2013|

Cool animated music video by David Wilson for the Arctic Monkeys


December 7th, 2013|

Cool trippy video to watch when you’re high

Meneo – Birth of the Santa Nalga

June 14th, 2013|

This video will make you laugh, trip out, and say what the fuck

Trippy Hallucination video

June 12th, 2013|

Watch this video in full screen when you’re high, it’s so trippy and everything looks so cool

Mikky Ekko – Feels Like The End

June 10th, 2013|

Trippy music video to watch high, by Mikky Ekko for the song Feels Like The End

Bonobo – Cirrus

June 6th, 2013|

Here is a great trippy music video to check out when you’re high. ¬†Cirrus by Bonobo

Artist of the Year – Yeah

May 9th, 2013|

A cool and trippy music video for “Yeah” by Artist of the Year

Moog Sub Phatty

April 11th, 2013|

Never has an advertisement for a synth been so cool and trippy. ¬†Definitely a good watch when you’re high, with music by Flying Lotus