Barcelona Kaleidolapse

December 11th, 2013|

Very trippy kaleidoscope time lapse from Barcelona.  Definitely watch this high

Sunset Short Film

December 10th, 2013|

Awesome animated short film Sunset

Seasons Animation

May 31st, 2013|

Today we have a cool animation based on the changing seasons for people wanting to check out something laid back for a mellow high.

The animation was made by Erica Haowei Hu

Billy Has A Dark Side

April 7th, 2013|

Today We’ve got a crazy short film you need to watch called “Billy Has A Dark Side” by Christopher Fernandez that gives you a glimpse into the mind of a psychotic murderer aiming for perfection.

Make sure to check out Christopher’s other work on his youtube channel and subscribe for new videos, he’s one to watch for new short […]

Exodus by Peter Norrby

March 24th, 2013|

Today we want to show you a really cool short film by Peter Norrby called Exodus.  A great film to check out while you’re high. Great story and cool visuals

The Deep End

March 17th, 2013|

A cool animation made with ink and coffee by Jake Fried

Stoned at Disney Land

March 15th, 2013|

Here is a funny video by Degenerate Comedy where they get high and go to disney land. Check it out for a good laugh

Love and Theft

March 13th, 2013|

This is a seriously cool animation by Andreas Hykade. Pure raw talent to put this all together. Probably best watched high

Dead Head Trippy Animation

March 5th, 2013|

Here is another trippy animation to watch when you’re high.

Animation by: Robert Wallace