Ninja Sex Party – The Ultimate Sandwich

March 25th, 2014|

A song from Ninja Sex Party – The Ultimate Sandwich

The Ultimate Sandwich! An incredible snack to satisfy even your most fantastical munchies, and maybe more? Weapons grade Ham! Sundried tomatoes and bacon bits to tickle your naughty parts! Burn one down and let this music stimulate your munchie gland, and feed your inner desire for […]

Atoms For Peace – Judge Jury and Executioner

January 7th, 2013|

New one from Atoms for Peace, supergroup founded by Thom Yorke, featuring Flea. The album is out February 25th, 2013.

Rustie – Essential Mix – BBC Radio 1

January 3rd, 2013|


One of the best mixes of the previous year. Let’s smoke one out to one of Scotland’s best at the top of his game!


YYou – Hollywood Chick

September 21st, 2012|


Today we’re going a different way and we’ve got a wicked new song for you all.

The song is Hollywood Chick by YYou Check out this song below, then check out the rest of his songs on his Soundcloud