Seymour Bits Put It Back Down Music Video

July 26th, 2012|

Hope you’re all ready to smoke up and check out the new video.

This video is for Put It Back Down by Semour Bits and it’s a pretty crazy one.  Great animation and an insane story line.

Smoke a fatty and check it out

The External World by David OReilly

July 17th, 2012|

This is one of my all time favorite animations to watch while I’m high.

David OReilly is a master animator and creates some of the best animations to watch while you’re high.

Today’s video is The External World, running at 17 minutes, it’s a little long but worth every minute. It has a obscure mix of humor […]

Dog Boarding

July 10th, 2012|

We’re at it for another week, so to get things started we have another video that came out last year that I just love.

It’s called “Dog Boarding” and is pretty self explanatory.  Skateboarding… on dogs.  Directed by the very talented Directing Duo Daniels check out their site to see more of their work.

Check it out and enjoy!