Ok Go’s All is not lost

April 30th, 2012|


Today we are going to stay in the same fashion as the last video with some more trippy dancing videos.

Today’s After 4:20 entertainment is a great website created for OK Go for their video of “All is not Lost” The site http://www.allisnotlo.st/ is a HTML5 website that plays their music video in multiple screens and lets you […]

Dance Video Through Giant Kaleidoscope

April 28th, 2012|


We’ve got a trippy video for you this Saturday.  It’s the weekend, so might as well get extra baked and watch this mesmerizing video.

This is the Intro to the TedXSummit and directed by Körner Union take a look at their other stuff if you’ve never heard of TED before.

This video was created with dancers and a giant […]

Rifle Burs Music Video

April 27th, 2012|

Happy Fryday everyone!  Because it’s Friday, everyone needs to get extra baked today.  Smoke a huge bowl or a blunt and check out this video, it’s just the right amount of bizarre and catchy.  You’ll be singing this song in your head all night.

The video for today is Rifle Burs by youtube user gmcfosho (check out […]

Trucker’s Delight Music Video NSFW

April 25th, 2012|

Hey Stoner Nation, it’s Wednesday again, so we’re all half way through our week and so much closer to another weekend of smoking and having some fun.  To get you through the rest of the week, we have Trucker’s Delight.  A music video for Flairs and directed by Jeremie Perin.  Make sure to check out the […]

Space Stallions Animation

April 24th, 2012|

Sometimes I get really high, and forget to post a video for your post 4:20 entertainment.  Today is such a day, I forgot to post the video until now, which is okay because it’s only a little late and it’s a great video.

The video for today is called Space Stallions and it’s a great video to […]

Katamari Hack

April 22nd, 2012|

I hope everyone enjoyed their 4/20 celebration and brought some awareness to the cause.

Today is another lazy Sunday, so we have a fun little game for you guys to play.  You can do this on any website that you want.  Click the image above to go visit the site with the instructions if you need […]

Justice ON’N’ON

April 20th, 2012|

IT’S 4/20 TODAY!!!

Hope everyone is celebrating and getting ready for their own 4:20 smoke session!  This video is to celebrate our Smoke session on the East Coast!

The video for today is ON’N’ON from Justice.  Incredible duo from France with some of the best music videos out there.  This one is sure to trip you out […]

Grizzly Bear Ready Able Music Video

April 19th, 2012|

Today we have another video by Allison Schulnik and her great animation concepts.  Another great video to watch when you’re high.

I urge you to check out more of Allison’s work because it will keep you entertained for a while.

Smoke a bowl and check it out!

Source: Youtube

How English Sounds to Non-English People

April 18th, 2012|

It’s hump day yet again, we’re half way through the week and it’s almost the weekend.  Friday will be a blur because it’s 4/20 but until then we have this video to keep you entertained.

If you get really high for this one it will definitely mess with your head.  This short film was made by Brian […]